Injuries suck.

May 2, 2011

In the few years I’ve been training, I’ve had a small handful of minor injuries. Scratched cornea, bumps and bruises, that sort of thing. I once crossed shins very hard with another student while sparring and had a golf ball-sized lump on my shin to show for it – the x-ray tech told me you can’t usually see bruising of the bone on an x-ray, but he clearly showed me where the bone had been indented and had popped back out. Battle scars still linger from that one, and that was 3 or 4 years ago.

Last Friday night, another student and I stayed after class to spar. I’m not even sure what went wrong exactly, but I know my footwork sucked something fierce because when we clashed, my right foot came down on its outside edge, I collapsed on it while spinning backwards off-balance, and I swear that when I hit the ground the thing was twisted 180 degrees counter-clockwise from the direction a normal foot is supposed to be pointed. The swelling began almost immediately – we sat there and watched it growing. There was some pain, but it soon went numb. It was strange.

X-ray says no broken bones, but the swelling had not subsided much over the weekend so they could not tell me much else. I’ll go in to my clinic on Wednesday once the swelling has gone down and they’ll hopefully be able to tell me if I’ve torn anything. Everyone I speak with tells me that, if I tore a ligament, I may end up feeling like I would have been better off just snapping the bone.

I’m not looking forward to the news. I’m hoping I only stretched the thing way out of shape and it heals up nice and tidy all on its own. However, I have an unpleasant feeling that it’s a little worse than that. I seriously twisted that thing, and it happened fast. If there is tearing, I am told that the recovery will be long and slow, and it will most definitely keep me off of the mat for months.

Injuries suck. The last thing I needed was something to take me out of class for any amount of time. I have days where I feel like, if I didn’t have Kaj, I would go insane. It gives me purpose, it gives me goals, it keeps me off of my ass, and it forces me to explore what I’m capable of.

No doubt about it. Injuries fucking suck.


2 Responses to “Injuries suck.”

  1. Injuries blow, but they are lessons in how NOT to do things.

    I train in Aikido, and my view of the art is similar to how you describe your training in the last paragraph. As for injuries, I haven’t had broken bones, sprains, or shattered limbs (yet); but I have banged up all of the typical contact points for rolls and landings – they are their own kind of “not fun”. All of which have resulted in reduced performance.

  2. kajumaga said

    You are absolutely right in that this is a lesson on how NOT to to do things! My poor footwork and resulting loss of balance is 100% the cause of my injury. I know that if I’d remained centered, the injury would not have happened. Lesson learned the hard way! Actually, that’s not completely accurate – when I’m back on the matt, the lesson will be practiced over and over again, that much is certain!

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