Suddenly – testing!

April 1, 2011

Every once in a while, Sifu will have us demonstrate a technique for everyone towards the end of class. It’s almost like a testing situation, where all eyes are on you and you are being critiqued. He likes to put this out there right after sparring, so we’re sweaty and pumped up, ready to go. There’s no warning when Sifu does this, so there’s no preparation – he tells you what he wants to see, and you go. Last night he wanted me to demonstrate trick #3, and the time before that, form #2. Both went very well, I thought, especially seeing as how I botched form #2 during my last test. It feels good to do these kinds of things well when we’re put on the spot.


4 Responses to “Suddenly – testing!”

  1. Kathy said

    Congrats on your recent promotion! I also train in Kajukenbo Tum Pai. Getting ready for my blue/green promotion in two weeks; and I also recently had to reduce my training schedule due to illness. Feeling better now, but getting back to “full” speed by the 16th will be tough. I have enjoyed reading your posts, especially since I can relate to what you wrote.

    • kajumaga said

      Thanks Kathy, and I hope your test went well! I know what you mean about coming back after being away for a while, it can be difficult but so rewarding!

  2. Congrats. Those are fun and scary at the same time – the point where the Sensei (in my case) would call you up to demonstrate a technique with him in front of the class.

    Good luck in your endeavors.

    • kajumaga said

      Thank you for the comment! Sifu has been doing this more and more lately and I love it when he does. Sometimes he calls for a particular technique, and sometimes he’ll pick someone else and have us spar. When these moments come around, it seems like the pressure of being the focus of the class can really bring out the best in us. For myself, it feels like I want to demonstrate techniques correctly not just for Sifu, but also for newer students, not to be a showoff or anything like that but only to demonstrate what Sifu has taught us. I really enjoy watching the upper belts go through techniques I’ve yet to learn, I love the feeling of “oh wow, that’s crazy! Will I ever be able to do that?” I can look back on so many times I’ve felt like that, and here today I’m called on to demonstrate things that looked so crazy difficult not too long ago. Good times!

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